Purpose: CELEBRATION was developed to experiment with combining theatrical and musical forms and further exploring relationships between the artists.

Set on the eve of an anniversary party held in an elite London restaurant, Harold Pinter’s Celebration explores the bizarrely acute and darkly hilarious condition of human disconnection. This theatrical event imposes Pinter’s restaurant onto an experimental performance of Mauricio Kagel’s music, exacerbating the tensions in human relationships and the ensuing existential disposition.


Elliot Baker, dado, Michael Doonan, Tyler Meredith, Carolyn Molloy, Paul Somers, Maria Stephens, Stephen Walker, David Weber, and Dan Wenzel

Creative Team

Stage Manager | Kyle Stoffers
Assistant Directors | Kyle Stoffers, Ana Velazquez
Producers | George Darin Tsoulos, CARFAEREARTS
Production Manager | Joey Lubelfeld
Lighting Designer | Mike Durst
Costume Advisor | Karen Kawa
Dramaturg | Sasha Smith
Production Graphic Designer | Paul Somers

About Beyond this Point

Beyond this Point is an exploratory collaboration seeking to investigate resonances and intersections across several practices including theater, movement, media/film, non­traditional musical forms, sculpture, text, and installations both static and performative. The collaboration aims to engage diverse audiences on multiple levels through its exploration of resonances between artistic mediums with a goal of developing a platform in which to create works that are intrinsically coalesced along these resonances from their point of inception.

The primary collaborators are Chicago-­based visual/theater artist dado and percussionists John Corkill and Alex Monroe.

About c a K e

c a K e is a conglomeration of art/performance situations. the idea behind c a K e is to explore the matrix of complications that ensue when ideas and form imbricate empathic epistemologies. c a K e has employed various objects and humans to make work that questions corporeality and the human condition. Is human nature? Are aliens nature? Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin. Wake up.