Sick by Seven

Purpose: SICK BY SEVEN was developed to explore the combination of video multimedia with theatrical forms in new work while exploring relationships with new artists and raising funds for a charitable organization.

Anxiety, phobias, mental illness, mysterious diseases and medication are among the issues explored by artists in SICK BY SEVEN. The seven interconnected works, part of A Red Orchid Theatre’s Incubator series, combine live theater and video to investigate physical, mental and societal health in the modern world.

Producer | Sarah Gitenstein
Production Manager | Christa van Baale
Video Curator | Melika Bass
Scenic/ Properties Design | Ariana Soloway
Lighting Design | Vada Briceno
Sound Design | Joe Court
Technical Director | Jim Moore
Stage Manager | Kathleen Dickenson
House Manager | Lemeese Hassen
Photographer | Doro Boehme


Video Episode | Melika Bass

Kiss Alive!

Playwright | Grant James Varjas
Directed | Ensemble Member Shade Murray
Nick | Nick Mikula
Zack | Grant James Varjas


Playwright | Shannon Pritchard
Director | Jessica Fisch
Assistant Director | Brenan Flynn
Ellie | Lindsey Kite
Sam | Andrew L. Saenz
Jean | Marika Engelhardt


Video Episode | Melika Bass

Where’s the Rest of Me?

Playwright/ Director | David E. Tolchinsky
Assistant Director/ Stage Manager | Kyle Stoffers
Costume Design | Erika Degraffinreaidt
Dave | Johnny Moran
Spalding Gray | Tim Newell
Various Characters | Sara Bues
Marshall | Dan Flannery

How to Use a Flashlight

Playwright | Mara Wegrzyn
Director | Monty Cole
Instructor | Sari Sanchez
Person | Desmond Gray


Video Episode | Melika Bass


Playwright | Lisa Dillman
Director | Ensemble Member Steve Haggard
Rachel | Mary Williamson
Vikki | Ashley Neal
Waitress | Diana Losen


Video Episode | Melika Bass

O Happy Dagger

Playwright | Ensemble Member Brett Neveu
Director | Sarah Gitenstein
Bette | Michaela Petro
Pauline | Teresa Kuruvilla
Cinematography | Meredith Zielke
SFX Op & Coloring | Hanah Simon Kim
Grip & Production Photographer | Nicki “Day” Porter

Video Episodes

Selections for an in-progress film commissioned and produced by Dan Silverstein and David E. Tolchinsky for the upcoming installation/ performance/ lecture series

Wilhelm Reich: An Attempt to Heal in the Modern World

curated by Debra Tolchinsky

Director/ Editor | Melika Bass
Devising | Selma Banich, Melika Bass, Penelope Hearne
Performers | Selma Banich, Penelope Hearne
1st AD | Warren Cockerham
2nd AD | Penelope Hearne
Camera Operator | Casey Puccini, Melika Bass
Production Sound Recordist | Matthew Paul Jinks
Assistant Camera | Colin Brandt
Lighting | Warren Cockerham, Colin Brandt, Casey Puccini
Assistant Editor | Hannah Simon Kim
Additional Sound | Spencer Parsons