In, On, and Around The Moors:
A Discussion Panel

Featuring Kirsten Fitzgerald, Myron Elliott, Dado, and Audrey Billings,
with host Mark Larson

An insider’s look from the director’s, designer’s and actors’ perspectives on the themes of our current production and on how the plight of Victorian loneliness and the human desire for visibility may not be as far away from us as we think.


Mark Larson, author of Ensemble: An Oral History of Chicago Theatre, hosts a provocative investigation into how a world with its own rules gets constructed and negotiated for the sake of everyone’s benefit…or inevitable demise.


Kirsten Fitzgerald, A Red Orchid Theatre Artistic Director & Director of The Moors

Myron Elliott, A Red Orchid Ensemble Member & Costume Designer for The Moors

Dado, A Red Orchid Theatre Ensemble Member & actor playing The Moor-Hen in The Moors

Audrey Billings, Actor playing Emilie in The Moors

Video Editing: Lawrence Grimm

Production Photos: Fadeout Media

Production Video Footage: Kyle Hamman, KBH Media

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