Indigenous Peoples’ Day

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“We recognize the celebration of holidays such as Columbus Day erases contemporary Native voices, stories, and issues across our society and especially here in Chicago. If we as a city are dedicated to the advancement of justice, equity, and social impact, we must focus on changing the way the Americans and institutions think about and engage with Native communities. We must work together to change the narratives that are embedded in the erasure, appropriation, and replacement of Native Peoples from our homelands and within the larger context of the Americas.” (Excerpt from the American Indian Center & Chi-Nations Youth Council Toolkit)


  • Click HERE to read a great article from WBEZ about the importance of this day.
  • Sign up HERE to attend a virtual rally through
  • Looking for ways to celebrate today with your kids? Click HERE for some great at home learning ideas!


Sign this Petition in support of Indigenous Peoples’ Day for the Chicago Public Schools, the City of Chicago, Cook County, and the State of Illinois.

Click Here for a list of Chicago Aldermen to reach out to and ask them to support the Indigenous Peoples’ Day Ordinance.

THE ADMIRAL (1492.0)

On Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2020, A Red Orchid Theatre partnered with Chi-Nations Youth Council to release THE ADMIRAL (1492.0), a digital short directed by Jess McLeod, featuring Ensemble Member Michael Shannon.

Interested in learning more about this digital short? Click Here for information about the project, artist credits, sponsors, artists in conversation, and more.

THE ADMIRAL (1492.0)