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Kyle Stoffers

Kyle Stoffers is a Chicago-based theatre artist focused in stage direction. In addition to currently serving as A Red Orchid's Casting and Communications Assistant, Kyle has also worked with A Red Orchid on several productions including Red Handed Otter, Pilgrim's Progress, The Mutilated, and Traitor and in their incubator series with Celebration, Sick by Seven, The Silence That Follows, and Puget Sound.

Outside of A Red Orchid, he has also worked with BackStage, Rivendell, Steppenwolf, and Strawdog Theatres.

In addition to theatre work, Kyle currently works as an Administrator and Special Projects Assistant for a private, boutique commercial property management firm based in Chicago, managing more than 100M in assets across the Chicagoland area. Previous employment includes experience in university Admissions and Advising as well as in customer service.

Kyle is a graduate of Ball State University with a BA in Theatre Direction.

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