Professional Development

Skill-Enhancing Courses with Outstanding Ensemble Members

Believing that actor training is a lifelong challenge, A Red Orchid offers a series of professional development classes throughout the year to aid actors and directors in continuous learning and ensure personal and professional growth within our artistic community. Artists participate in skill-enhancing courses run in small, select groups—ensuring optimum focused attention throughout. Working with our outstanding ensemble members, our workshops provide artists with the opportunity to hone their craft and explore new ways of working.

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There are currently no classes being offered at this time.

Please stay tuned for class offerings coming soon! If you are interested in being put on a list to be the first to know about any upcoming classes, email Managing Director Abigail Madden here.


Values & Process: A six-week course taught by Ensemble Member Shade Murray in Summer 2018. This class explored the fundamentals of A Red Orchid’s mission of working with honesty, rigor, and compassion.

Character Analysis & Imagery: A six-week scene study course taught by Ensemble Member Dado in Winter 2018 and Spring 2017.

Honest Performances, Honest Process: A six-week course taught by Shade Murray in Winter 2017.

All for One: The Technique of Instinct: A six-week course taught by founding Ensemble Member Larry Grimm in Fall 2016 which explored various acting techniques including Meisner, Viewpoints, and others.

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