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Join us for “A Taste of Red,” our Winter 2023 staged reading series!

With our Winter 2023 Play Reading Series, A Red Orchid Theatre invites you to take a peek behind the curtain and see how our team goes about exploring a play. What gets our ensemble excited about a script? How do actors, directors, playwrights, and designers all approach the same text differently? What defines a quintessential A Red Orchid production?

To recreate the warm ambience of these casual, cozy conversations, we’ve ventured outside of Wells Street and partnered with some new friends. Join us for a bite and a drink and let the words wash over you!

Jan. 25th: Revolution

A new play by Ensemble Member Brett Neveu

Directed by Artistic Director Kirsten Fitzgerald

Dramaturgy by Tanya Palmer

Music by Rich Sparks with lyrics by Brett Neveu

Cast: Ensemble member Natalie West (Georgia), Jaye Ladymore (Puff), and Taylor Blim (Jame)

Wed., Jan. 25th at Mrs. Murphy & Sons’ Irish Bistro

Who celebrates their 26th birthday in an alley? Puff, that’s who. With the help of her best friend Jame and the unlikely company of Georgia, Puff rings in her birthday with laughter, connection, and Miller High Life.

Feb. 1st: The Housing Situation on Neptune

A new play by NJ Draine

Directed by AROT Literary Coordinator Peter Ruiz

Cast: Ensemble member Lance Baker (Garrett Hobbs), Makeda Declet (Kiki), Jyreika Guest (Alma), Cassidy Slaughter-Mason (Rainbow), Jackie Seijo (Isaac), Stephanie Shum (Nadia), and Nanyamka Gallardo (Trinity)

Wed., Feb. 1st at Mrs. Murphy & Sons’ Irish Bistro

Sisters Kiki and Alma know that living in a burning country owned by a technocrat trillionaire warlord is kind of a drag, but at least the internet service is reliable. And, honestly, it’s not that bad. Just a few tips: avoid the Red Zone if you can; always keep a gas mask handy; and have an active Playground© subscription for those days when you wanna leave this reality and escape into VR (which will be often). Also, steer clear of ANYONE even remotely adjacent to the Resistance. NJ Draine’s new play is a frightening, absurd romp in a world so strange it starts to feel familiar.

Feb. 13th: A Night of Williams & Chekhov

And Tell Sad Stories on the Death of Queens

A one-act play by Tennessee Williams

Directed by Kyle Stoffers

Cast: Aaron Holland (Candy), Harrison Weger (Karl), Gardy Gilbert (Alvin), and Yuchi Chiu (Jerry)

Candy Delaney is a successful New Orleans interior decorator and drag queen approaching her 35th birthday. On the rebound from a seventeen-year relationship, Candy has picked up a rough sailor, Karl, on whom she lavishes money. Written in 1957 and never produced during Tennessee Williams’ lifetime, this is Williams’ most overtly queer play.

A Marriage Proposal

A one-act play by Anton Chekhov

Directed by Ava Calabrese Grob

Cast: Ensemble member Larry Grimm (Tshub), Colin Sphar (Lomov), and Capri Gehred-O’Connell (Natalia)

Ivan Lomov visits his longtime neighbor, Stepan Tshubukov, to propose marriage to Stepan’s daughter Natalia. There’s just one problem: the opinionated Ivan and competitive Natalia can’t seem to talk without getting into an argument! Will the proposal ever be accepted, or will the pair’s arguing be the death of the anxious Ivan?

Mon., Feb. 13 at Hopleaf Bar

Feb. 27th: Hongo

Dr. Mirian Reyes is a brilliant mycologist on the verge of breakthrough using mushrooms to repair brain cells. But when her son slips into a coma following an accident at a protest, she ignores the rules of scientific trials to try and save him. What could go wrong? Anything is possible in this new sci-fi fungal oddity by Exal Iraheta.

When: Mon., Feb. 27th

Where: Hopleaf Bar, 5148 N. Clark St.

The reading will begin at 7 PM. We encourage you to arrive early to purchase drinks, mingle with the AROT family, and settle in for the performance.

The performance will be followed by a discussion facilitated by the directors, the cast, and AROT’s Literary Coordinator, Peter Ruiz.

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