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Thank You to everyone who joined us for A Red Orchid’s Signature Fundraising Event!

A Red Orchid has taken root as one of Chicago’s premiere theatre companies.
Celebrate our Ensemble and 25+ years of fearless theatre-making with an evening that supports our vital work.

The Orchid Root Ball

Thursday, March 5, 2020
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Galleria Marchetti
825 W. Erie St, Chicago IL

Pictures coming soon!

This year, we honored dedicated A Red Orchid supporters Sharon Perazzoli and Giulia Sindler, owners of Kamehachi -an Old Town destination since 1967.

Our flashback to the bohemian world of 1960s Old Town included: entertainment, dinner, cocktails, auctions, & more!

Meet our Honorees, Sharon Perazzoli & Giulia Sindler:

“Kamehachi means eight turtles. The turtle signifies longevity and the number eight is an infinity symbol, so together they represent long life and good luck.”

Marion Konishi opened Chicago’s first sushi restaurant, Kamehachi, in 1967. Located on Wells Street in a neighborhood populated by hippies and folksy-type people, Kamehachi was an anomaly: a traditional Japanese restaurant serving items not yet popular nor familiar to Americans. As the years passed, Chicagoans interest in sushi began to increase and Kamehachi became one of the city’s most popular restaurants. Across the street from the renowned Second City comedy theatre, Kamehachi  introduced a new trend in dining and became a favorite spot amongst chic, sushi-eating Chicago personalities including prominent businessmen, politicians, artists, and celebrities.

Konishi’s daughter, Sharon Perazzoli, was born in a Japanese internment camp in Rivers, Arizona and moved to Chicago with her family after the war. Sharon grew up to become a professional dancer, performing in the Flower Drum Song with a national touring company and also dancing with Bob Ito. After a three-year career she married an Italian musician, had two children, and concentrated on being a mother, raising daughter Giulia Sindler and her brother, Paul, in the DC area. She returned to Chicago to assist her mother with Kamehachi, and after her mother’s death in 1990 joined with her daughter Giulia to grow and expand the Kamehachi business. Sharon works hard to maintain the Japanese traditions and standards that represent the family culture and establish Kamehachi as one of the remaining Japanese-owned sushi restaurants in Chicago.

Giulia Sindler represents the third-generation in a woman-owned, family-run business. Giulia came to Chicago when she became a college student at Northwestern. After graduating from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism in 1987, Sindler worked as a technical writer, an advertising copywriter, and eventually as an assistant to a local businessman who was opening an art gallery in Old Town. It was there that she learned many of the necessary business skills she used later to run the restaurants. From her grandmother’s mom and pop storefront to multiple Chicagoland locations, Giulia works alongside her mother to maintain family standards, while expanding the Kamehachi name through relationships with well-known hotels, catering companies, and high-profile chefs and clients. Born of Italian-Japanese heritage, Giulia works to bridge the Japanese tradition of Kamehachi with the ever-growing trends and Westernization of the cuisine in America. Giulia lives with her husband, Brian, and in Northbrook, Illinois and is the mother of two children, Adam and Elenna. She is an active member and past president of the Old Town Merchants & Residents Association.  She is also an avid supporter of the arts, and served as past President of the Board of A Red Orchid Theatre, where she is now an Emeritus Board member.

Working side by side, Sharon and Giulia are a mother-daughter team who have continued to honor their family’s tradition. Through their passion they developed Kamehachi into a multi-unit “mini” chain. Sharon & Giulia have grown the family-owned business with locations in Northbrook, Streeterville, the Loop (Chicago), and River North (Chicago). Kamehachi has continued to build on its reputation of being Chicago’s original sushi bar and the premier Japanese restaurant in the Chicagoland area.

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