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Getting to Know New & Up-Coming Artists

A Red Orchid Theatre’s Incubator Series was created to get to know emerging talent and foster exploration in Chicago’s theatre community. The idea behind this series is to give artists a stage/space to incubate new work, new artistic relationships and/or new artistic forms. A Red Orchid’s ensemble maintains the conviction that live theatre is the greatest sustenance for the human spirit, and that passionately committed artists will draw passionately committed audiences. The Incubator is an active manifestation of that conviction and of A Red Orchid’s mission to cultivate new audiences for the modern stage. Have an idea and want to work with us? Email our Artistic Director, Kirsten Fitzgerald, for more information.


Our incubator workshop production of Tom and Eliza, by Celine Song, directed by A Red Orchid’s Casting & Communications Assistant, Kyle Stoffers, has been postponed. We look forward to continuing the partnership with all of the artists involved with this workshop production.

Director Kyle Stoffers shares: “As we emerge from the pandemic into a vaccinated world of in-person activities, the aggressively “always-on” digital work world has certainly not stopped and with this coexistence, I find myself asking where the day/week/month/year went. Tom & Eliza is a play performed in “one long breath” notes playwright Celine Song; “There are no moments of silence or breaks from the beginning till the end of the play.” Exploring live performance again is thrilling, but most notably for this play, I am excited about the interrogation of time; what is found and lost in marching relentlessly from a first-ish date to the end of the world. And discovering this breath playing out in real time, in front of our faces, in person.” 


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