Grey House

Show Information

Ensemble Member Levi Holloway

Ensemble Member Shade Murray

October 10 – December 1, 2019

Season 27

World Premiere!

After a brutal car wreck in the mountains of Oregon, a young couple seeks shelter from a blizzard in a small cabin. But the cabin’s seemingly innocent inhabitants: four children and their minder, quickly start to expose the couple’s secrets, unmake everything they know about themselves, and hurl them towards a potentially sinister destination. Grey House is a new horror play about the gravity of the past and the cruel inevitability of its pull.

The Ancient | Ensemble Member Dado
Raleigh | Ensemble Member Kirsten Fitzgerald
Henry | Ensemble Member Travis A. Knight
Max | Ensemble Member Sadieh Rifai
Marlow | Sarah Cartwright
A1656 | Haley Bolithon
Bernie | Kayla Casiano
The Boy | Charlie Herman
Squirrel | Autumn Hlava

U/s Squirrel/ Bernie/ Boy | Paula Hlava
U/s Henry | Brian Huther
U/s Marlow/ A1656 | Dyllan Rodrigues Miller
U/s Raleigh/ The Ancient | Tina Shelley
U/s Max | Danielle Zuckerman

Scenic Design | Kurtis Boetcher
Costume Design | Ensemble Member Karen Kawa
Lighting Design | Ensemble Member Mike Durst, Claire Chrzan
Sound Design/ Music Arrangement | Jeffrey Levin
Properties Design | Ensemble Member Shade Murray
Special Effects | The Rot Shop
ASL Director | Cicely Boggan
Music Director | Elenna Sindler
Choreographer | Sarah Cartwright
Intimacy/ Fight Choreographer | Lana Whittington
ASL Interpreter | Kristin Schmidt
Casting Director | Ensemble Member Mierka Girten
Technical Direction | TJ Van Liew
Production Manager | Cortney Hurley
Stage Manager | Christa Van Baale
Assistant Stage Manager | Kathleen Dickinson
Assistant Properties Design | Eren Ahn
Assistant Casting | Kyle Stoffers
Running Crew | Joseph Blakely
Scenic Painter | Jeremy Hollis
Photography | Fadeout Foto
Graphic Design | Andrew Madden