World Premiere

In this world premiere adaptation of Heinrich Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People, a small, NorthChicago suburb finds the town’s restart button with an investment in a newly opened charter school. After issues with the school grounds are discovered by its head of sciences, Dr. Stock, a quest to inform and correct is met with support. But suspicion and rancor mount as truths bubble to the surface. A play that mirrors our vital, absurd and often hilarious political times.


Show Information

Ensemble Member Brett Neveu

Ensemble Member Michael Shannon

January 7 -March 4, 2018

Season 25

Karla Kihl-Sotck | Ensemble Member Dado
Madison Bills | Kristin E. Ellis
Patty Stock | Ensemble Member Kirsten Fitzgerald
Walter Hove | Ensemble Member Lawrence Grimm
Dr. Tom Stock | Ensemble Member Guy Van Swearingen
Randal Stock | Nation Henrickson
Molly Stock | Missi Davis
Jenn Sheffer | Ensemble Member Natalie West
Howard Kihl | Frank Nall
Fran Wysocki | Mary Jo Bolduc
Bill Strand | Stephen Walker
Eric Rhyde | Jacob Alexander

U/s Karla Kihl-Stock/ Jenn Sheffer | Maria Stephens
U/s Madison Bills | Samantha Newcomb
U/s Patty Stock/ Fran Wysocki | Mandy Walsh
U/s Walter Hove/ Howard Kihl | Steven Winterstein
U/s Dr. Tom Stock | Stephen Walker
U/s Randal Stock | Ramman Takhsh
U/s Molly Stock | Carolyn Moore
U/s Bill Strand/ Eric Rhyde | Dano Duran

Scenic Design | John Musial
Costume Design | Christine Pascual
Lighting Design | Ensemble Member Mike Durst
Sound Design/ Original Music | Brando Triantafillou
Properties Design | Lydia Hatchett
Fight Choreographer | Christina Gorman
Dramaturg | Tanya Palmer
Casting Director | Ensemble Member Mierka Girten
Technical Director | Samantha Rausch
Technical Director for 2nd Space | Jim Moore
Production Manager | Corrie Besse
Stage Manager | Christa van Baale
Assistant Director | Kyle Stoffers
Assistant Lighting Design | Violet Smith
Assistant Costume Design | Kotryna Hilko
Assistant Casting | Kyle Stoffers
Assistant Stage Manager | Kathleen Dickinson, Nate Dion
Master Carpenter | Harrison Ornelas
Graphic Design | Andy Madden