A Red Orchid Theatre in partnership with Chi-Nations Youth Council present:

THE ADMIRAL (1492.0)

Featuring Ensemble Member Michael Shannon

Directed by Jess McLeod

All text taken from Diario of Christopher Columbus’s First Voyage to America, 1492-1493, translated & edited by Oliver C. Dunn and James E. Kelly, Jr. 

Director of Photography: Nickey Frankel

Editor: Julie Tarrab

Sound Design/Composition: Elenna Sindler

Sound Mixing: Jim Bertini

Line Producer: Preview

Creative Consultant/Content Coordinator: Frankie Pedersen

Final Montage Editors: Julie Tarrab, Tom Callahan

Final Montage Videographers: Tom Callahan, Winfield Woundedeye, SoapBox Productions and Organizing, Grace Pisula, Gold Point Studio

The final montage includes footage from Chi-Nations Youth Council’s Black Indigenous Solidarity Rally (Speaker: Miracle Boyd), Wet’suwet’en Solidarity Rally, First Nations Garden Opening and The Great Chicago Wigwam Build.

Special Thanks

Special Thanks: Rob Morris, Sam Brodsky, Susan Bowen & Larry Grimm, Katie Amos

Production Sponsors: Debbie Bisno & David Goldman, Cyrus Rab

Special Thanks to SAG-AFTRA

Artists in Conversation

Interested in learning more about THE ADMIRAL (1492.0) and the work of the Chi-Nations Youth Council? Tune in to this conversation with:

Chi Nations Youth Council Member & Creative Consultant

Frankie Pedersen

A Red Orchid Artistic Director

Kirsten Fitzgerald

Special Thanks to Frankie for her collaboration on this project!