Weapons of Mass Impact

World Premiere

Weapon of Mass Impact examines both the effects of terrorism from unseen malicious evildoer types as well as the mundane routine commonplace terrorism that goes on daily in our apathetic society,” says artistic director and ensemble member Guy Van Swearingen. “Infusing the dramatic with the every day, Brett has imagined an amazing world where the professional boundaries between the morality of fair play and personal space are skewed.”


Show Information

Ensemble Member Brett Neveu

Edward Sobel

October 19 – December 2, 2007

Season 15

World Premiere!

In his newest drama, Weapon of Mass Impact, ensemble member Brett Neveu takes a penetrating look at the lingering uncertainties still emanating from 9/11 and their effect on the collective national psyche. Are we prepared for terrorist actions or should we do more? Can we ever really relax? How would an average person react if kidnapped for political purposes? What happens if your life suddenly becomes nothing more than a bargaining chip? In Brett Neveu’s second installment of his “04-05-06” trilogy, fear and heartache become a lesson in personal survival.

Gina | Ensemble Member Jennifer Engstrom
Sylvia | Ensemble Member Mierka Girten
Kate | Ensemble Member Kirsten Fitzgerald
Man | Usman Ally
Another Man | Tom McElroy
Barista | Duncan Riddell

Scenic Design | Keith Pitts
Costume Design | Ensemble Member Karen Kawa
Lighting Design | David Ferguson
Sound Design | Ensemble Member Joseph Fosco
Technical Director | Nicholas Hussong
Stage Manager | S. G. Heller