The Fastest Clock in the Universe

U.S. Premiere

The Fastest Clock in the Universe tells the story of Cougar Glass’ 19th birthday. His best friend, Captain Tock, has spared no expense providing all necessary party favors: a delectable cake, pointy hats, birthday cards from all the sexiest people, and red meat. Cougar himself has only invited a single guest, the adorable Foxtrot Darling, and may be too busy doting on him to notice your presence. But, parties are inevitably meant to be crashed, and when, subsequently, the crashing commences, Mr. Glass starts to sweat as the illusion on which his entire identity is balanced goes up in flames. The Fastest Clock in the Universe is a devilish romper room of a play which explores the difficulty inherent in appreciating our passing birthdays.


Show Information

Philip Ridley

Ensemble Member Dado

October 22 – December 5, 2004

Season 12

Midwest Premiere!

It’s Cougar’s birthday. He’s having a party. And the gift he’d kill for is youth… In a strange room in East London, the party preparations are under way. Everything has been planned to the last detail. Surely nothing can go wrong? After all, there’s the specially made birthday cake, the specially written cards, the specially chosen guest of honour…and a very, very sharp knife.

Cougar Glass | Dan Kuhlman
Captain Tock | Larry Neumann, Jr.
Cheetah Bee | Ensemble Member Jennifer Engstrom
Foxtrot Darling | James McKay
Sherbet Gravel | Katlyn Carlson

Set Design | Robert G. Smith
Costume Design | Jana Stauffer
Lighting Design | Amanda Clegg Lyon
Sound Design | Ensemble Member Joseph Fosco
Fight Choreographer | Ensemble Member Kirsten Fitzgerald
Stage Manager | Ensemble Member Tiffany Wilson
Assistant Director | Kay Perdue