Giving Tuesday 2023

Thank you to all our Giving Tuesday donors and our anonymous match donor! With your help, we raised over $12,000 in support of our 31st Season! 

Anonymous (13) 

bob adams 

John T Ahern Jr 

Rodrigo Arreola 

Stuart & Debra Baker 

Brian Baloun 

Kay Bowman 

Robin Breslin 

James Bretzke 

Janet Burroway 

Julie Brennan Clucas 

Rosie Clucas 

Deborah Coleman 

Anne & Christian Coon 

Cutler Family 

Elizabeth Derrico 

Frank Dominelli 

Lisa DuShane 

Kirsten Fitzgerald 

Larry G 

mary ann galanti 

Brent and Valerie Gundlah 

Angeline Heisler 

Dr. Robert Henry 

David Hentges 

Stephanie and Bryan Husk 

Gino Jacobazzi 

Leo Joanidhi 

Karyn Linn 

Lopez Family 

Sandra Mallory 

John McEnroe 

Rebecca and Wilbur Mills 

Andrea F. Mitchel 

Johnny Moran 

Anthony Papini 

Erin E. Roberts 

Laura Roeser 

Tricia Rogers 

Brant Russell 

Donnette Rzeszutek 

Beret Sauer 

Mac Scavitt 

Karen and Frank Schneider 

Bonnie Seebold 

Ellen Shannon 

Kay Shannon 

Frederick W Spreen 

Maria Stephens 

Kyle Stoffers 

David & Allyson Tarnowski 

Robert Veasey 

Jessie W 

Edward W  Wavak 



Trevor & Laura 


In memory of Virginia “Gingie” Bryan 

In memory of Kay Hathaway 

In memory of Donald Shannon

Happy Orchidays and here’s to the New Year!