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An Audio Drama Adaptation

Written by Porchlight Artistic Director Michael Weber

Directed by A Red Orchid Ensemble Member Lawrence Grimm

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  6. Please Note: The link to WAR OF THE WELL(e)S is a You Tube link. Upon clicking the link below, you will be taken to You Tube for your listening experience. This is an audio drama, so there will not be anything to “watch.” Sit back and enjoy your listening experience!
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All proceeds raised from this project go directly towards supporting the art of A Red Orchid Theatre & Porchlight Music Theatre. Thank you for your support!

Want to learn more about this Audio Drama?
View the virtual program for WAR OF THE WELL(e)S!

WAR OF THE WELL(e)S is a fascinating look at one of the most bizarre moments in American history. The story of a notorious evening of panic and mass hysteria, the play is an insider’s account of the players and circumstances that collided one fateful autumn evening on the eve of World War II.

Halloween Eve, 1938. A shaken America struggles to recover from economic collapse as Hitler threatens the future of the Free World. At 8:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, our nation is attacked…by the planet Mars.

An audacious “boy wonder” named Orson Welles has envisioned the most terrifying hour of radio ever presented and what emerges from the CBS airwaves that night will send an anxious population to the streets in mass hysteria. It was indeed a war of the worlds, pitting a daring, modern medium against a stunning abandonment of common sense. This is the true story of the legendary event that forever changed the rules of broadcasting while igniting the meteoric rise of an unbridled superstar.

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